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Symbol Legend

In order to ensure you locate the perfect product for your situation we have decided to accompany our product types and sections with a glyph. These images are of either the engineering standard for schematics and technical drawings or one we have created in lieu of a standard.

Engineering Valve symbols and icons

  • Actuated
  • Manual
  • Control
  • Solenoid

pneumatic electric actuated valve symbol and icon


Actuated Valve

This image illustrates your typical actuated valve


This is your standard image for accessories. We use this image a lot accept we will illustrate which accessories with a character placed in the centre. 
butterfly double acting actuated valve engineering symbol  

Butterfly Valve

This is the standard image of an ACTUATED butterfly. The box on top of the image states its actuated.

Double Acting Valve

The double acting actuated valve is much like the standard actuated symbol in appearance accept the addition to a "T" inside the actuator.
 electric hygienic  

Electrically Actuated

Here we have displayed an electric actuator on top of a standard valve symbol. This is a standard engineering symbol.

Double Acting Valve

As hygienic valves are smooth and have reflective surfaces we have gone for this image to simulate the hygienic/sanitary section.
 pvc sr  

PVC Valves

Our PVC valves are depicted using standard PVC tubes/pipes.

Double Acting Valve

The pneumatic spring return actuated valve shows a standard actuated valve with a spring to illustrate the spring return aspect.

Burkert Type 2000 Angle Seat Valve

This is simply a silhouette of the valve in question.




bronze valves

Brass Ball Valve

This image in a typical ball valve which is the standard.

Bronze Valves

We have gone for a unique symbol to depict the bronze line of valves.  

man-butterfly cast-ductile-iron  

Butterfly Valve

This is the standard image of a manual butterfly.

Cast and Ductile Iron Valves

We have gone for a unique symbol for this valve type. The three diagonal strips will be the standard across the site.

 check globe  

Check valve

This symbol is used to illustrate the check valve line and catalogue. 

Gate, Globe and Slide

As the section in question has three types of valve we have depicted them all within the icon. the top is a standard gate valve, the middle is a globe valve and the last one is a slide valve.

 knife marine  

Knife Valve

This symbol is of the knife Gate valve. This image will be used when showing a knife gate valve and in the catalogue.

Industrial and Marine

The symbol here simply shows an industrial setting with a marine front to illustrate the both.

pinch  pressure releif  

Diaphragm and Pinch Valves

As we have two valve types here they are both shown in the icon.

Pressure Relief Regulating Valves

This is our standard symbol for our pressure relief regulating valves.

pressure strainers  

High Pressure Valve

This symbol is used for our high pressure products. This will be along side the product as well as in our catalogue in order to indicate our high pressure ranges


Our standard image for strainers. The image is of a Y strainer but is used to depict all of our strainers.

stst volt manual  

VOLT stainless steel

This section is our VOLT range of stainless steel ball valves.


This is the umbrella symbol that can be used to illustrate any of the sections withing. Its used in the parent catalogue and in the main product ranges.


angle seat


As seen before we have used the standard for accessories, but as its a different set of accessories we have indicated that they are from he control range by adding a "C" in he centre.

Angle seat

This is just a silhouette of an angle seat valve

element globe traditional steam  

Element Globe

This is just a silhouette of an element globe valve

Traditional Steam

This is a standard image of an actuator but as its a steam one we have added our steam symbol in the actuator.


burkert solenoid

Solenoid Valve

This is our symbol for the solenoid valve. On top you will see the symbol for the solenoid and that is inside the actuator attached to a valve. 

Burkert Solenoid Valve

We have a dedicated section just for the high quality products from Burkert. All our Burkert products come straight from the burkert select range which ensures you get your product as soon as possible. 

VOLT solenoid  

VOLT Solenoid Valve

We also have a  dedicated section for our VOLT solenoid valves. All our VOLT products are carefullt selected to not only ensure you are getig the best value for you money, but we also want to ensure that you get a lasting and quality product.

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